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LeanFT vs Selenium – our experience (Infographic)

We tend to do our own benchmarking when it comes to software testing. When we put HPE LeanFT and Selenium side by side this is what it came down to.

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What are defect taxonomies?

Let’s start with something we can all agree on – a defect is something not working as it should. Now, we like to think of defect-based testing as having radar for a certain kind of bug (or a specific flaw). Instead of using the standard requirements docs or the use cases, we use the defects to base test cases. This whole process is based on taxonomies.

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Who tests the tests?

Let’s begin with an analogy about software testing. Suppose for a moment that bugs are like medical conditions (no pun intended). The process we use to identify them is like the medical one: through differential diagnosis. We detect the harmful situation and offer a course of treatment. Yet we are all familiar with situations where things can get complicated, just like in the medical field.  In software testing, one of the most challenging situations we can encounter relates to a particular type of errors: the false positives and false negatives. What are they and how do we approach them?

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The Complete Guide to Software Testing Outsourcing

In the digital age, it’s not easy for companies to keep up the pace in the marketplace. Products are getting better and more innovative every day and, what’s more, the speed of getting to market is ever increasing.

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